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Solati Mobile and Web - Music Application Convergence
Part I: Web

  • competitive online music site analysis
  • logo design, brand optimization for devices
  • information architecture & design for web and mobile
  • user interface, visual design for web and mobile
  • icon design for web and mobile
  • English & Chinese language type planning
  • prototyping
  • asset creation

This large project engaged an international team at Catalyst Mobile from Fall 2007-Fall 2008. The goal of the project was to deliver a mobile/web companion music application to the Chinese market. During the course of the project, the name of the application went through changes as well as the logo & color scheme as shown below.

Erika's responsibilities included creating wireframes and flow documents, design skins, and icon designs and also optimizing the logo and creating color schemes that helped unify the brand on web and mobile. While working with a local project team in Beijing and a US engineering team in Santa Barbara - she iterated on web designs and mobile designs for Flash Lite & J2ME prototypes.

Wireframe - Account Page: Iteration with newer logo
Wireframe - My Account: Edit details
3-Column Layout Grid for Production
layout grid
Working Prototype homepage design - with player close-up
layout grid
Working Prototype artist page design
layout grid
Working Prototype Account/Vault page design
layout grid
Logo and proposed new top tabs and mobile icons - with color match
color sets
Color tab set
color tabs set
Updated design skin/color proposal
solati skin update

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